Pepakura Template Overwatch Ashe



Ashe Overwatch Armor Set Pepakura foam cosplay props pattern

Unfolded in and for pepakura/armorsmith
These are 3d files which are already unfolded and ready to go patterns for the armor pieces for Ashe from Overwatch
it is unfolded for fabrication with 5 mm foam.
included is also her Rifle but this one is not unfolded because its not really practical but can serve you well for great reference (or still unfold it and build it with pepakura if you so choose)

if you need assistance on construction or explanation on how pepakura or armorsmith works, you can find me on youtube where i host many easy to follow tutorials on the channel: Wayne’s Workshop

you can also contact me for further assisstance over on FB and IG: Wayne’s Workshop

Happy Crafting 🙂


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